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  • Clarity in establishing a clearly defined scope, with identified boundaries and supported by clear objectives and supported by clear objectives. This clarity creates a level of awareness amongst our customers and key stakeholders, particularly of the need for change and of the drivers that created the need for change. Once a level of clarity has been achieved, it is then important to establish.
  • Consensus amongst the key stakeholders and leadership so that a consensual view of what good looks like, with harmonised expectations and clear roles and responsibilities. This is particularly important within your client base given the consensual culture that exists. Achieving consensus helps to build a level of desire to support and participate in any change that will ultimately be influenced by the nature of the change and each individual’s personal situation. Having obtained consensus, we now focus on the change by establishing.
  • Commitment from key stakeholders and the leadership is sought by building the knowledge of how to change, by making it real and tangible. This includes information about behaviours, processes, tools, systems, skills, job roles and techniques that are needed to implement a change, and any training and education necessary to know how to change. Once commitment has been achieved, we then seek to encourage.
  • Collaboration amongst stakeholders to enable effective delivery and implement the required change in processes, tools, skills, and behaviours. This is the realisation and execution of the change and is about creating the ability to turn knowledge into action, about collaboration with individuals or groups to provide the capability to implement the change at the required performance levels. As the change is delivered, we must exert.
  • Control to measure performance and reinforce behaviours to sustain the change. Control is exerted through the right governance and performance management regime, managing external and internal factors that help to sustain a change and ensure the envisaged benefits are delivered. Control includes a continuous planning and review cycle to ensure any change is reinforced and lessons are learned and acted upon.

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