Who We Are

We put People at the centre of everything we do

We are an official partner of Core Strengths and are certified facilitators of the Strength Deployment Inventory®
(SDI ® 2.0) training.

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We are consulting and delivery specialists passionate in the improvement of organisational, team and individual performance through the transformation of relationships and ways of working.

We believe that the greatest competitive advantage for any business is in the quality of their people, their relationships and how they collaborate. That’s why we put people are at the heart of everything we do. Better relationships achieve greater results and develop happier and more fulfilled employees within an empowering and healthy organisational culture.

We also believe in the principle of simplicity. Everything we do is practical, relevant and conducted at pace.  We get straight to the heart of any challenge, quickly exercising our experience and judgement to help you create tailored solutions; irrespective of industry, sector or the size of your organisation.

To do this we have a range of talent that can meet your change and delivery needs. These include programme and project managers, change and behaviour consultants, business analysts, technical specialists and communication professionals.

We have an enviable track record of successful delivery of large-scale change and transformation programmes in some of the most exacting and sensitive environments and we stand ready and willing to put that experience and knowledge to your benefit.

Clarion Values & Ethos


We are stronger through our shared knowledge

We have no hidden agendas

We deal with problems openly


We can be vulnerable with each other

We can be our authentic selves

We ask for help


We embrace diversity

We listen to understand

We wash out our filters

We try not to offend; we try even harder not to be offended

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